The Historical Movement Archive

The Historical Movement Archive combines many academic and movement disciplines into one research program and project.

This multi-faceted research program is the result of a collaboration involving George Mason University College of Visual and Performing Arts, the Folger Shakespeare Library, and distinguished practitioner and scholar, Professor Brad Alan Waller, Affiliate Faculty, College of Visual and Performing Arts.

The Historical Movement Archive is dedicated to the research, analysis, and preservation of previously unavailable movement knowledge, and to making that knowledge available to researchers, teachers, historians, and movement artists around the world.

Motion capture technologies allow us to take movement and preserve it in a three-dimensional digital form. 

Movement captured and preserved
Movement captured and preserved

It is a 'Gutenberg' moment for historical movement and movement research.

The Historical Movement Archive will be created at George Mason University and serve as a research program where the movement art forms of the past and present can be explored and preserved through state-of-the-art motion capture technology.

Students from the Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI), located on Mason's Prince William County Sci-Tech campus, are currently working with the Historical Movement Archive team to bring this dream to a reality.

Learn more about the Historical Movement Archive with Professor Brad Alan Waller.