AAMB Board Members

AAMB Board Members

Victoria N. Salmon, D.A. - Chair

"Twyla Tharp extols the theory that artistic curiosity nurtures the soul. To me, this is not a solitary act; artists participate in the larger culture’s acts of curiosity; their work candidly—and often publicly—persuades their audiences to discover the constructs of curiosity. Throughout the ages, people gathered to hear, view, witness artistic work to scrutinize their own sympathy and understanding of humanity. At Mason, the arts continue this tradition; the CVPA faculty, staff, and visiting professional artists nurture students’ curiosity. Moreover, students from across the University register for CVPA arts courses because they, too, look to the arts to guide them in their efforts to investigate and examine meaning in their own disciplines. Every corner of CVPA shares knowledge and exploration of the arts with their University colleagues and the University’s surrounding communities, constantly encouraging us all to be curious."

Annie Bolger

"I support the work of the board because it provides for a broadening experience for students and faculty, and the greater community as a whole. All of this so important in the confused world we seem to be a part of. What is important to me is how I am able to contribute, and how well everyone works together, teamwork, listening, sharing are the keys to success. The most important of all is our leadership and also—the students—they are our future."

Mike Brown

"Certainly part of it is all the wonderful years of exposure to George Mason Dance through my spouse, Buffy Price, part of the faculty now for twenty-five years or so. But, that's not all. It is also my belief that the arts are important; a big part of a successful community and society, and this is one way I can contribute. It's also seeing and meeting the talented students, the young artists, and knowing that what I'm doing on the Board can be part of helping them succeed."

Paul Burke

Joseph P. Catalano

"The Arts are a critical part of our community and the Arts have played an important role in my life. The College of Visual and Performing Arts at Mason continually provides the Arts to our community, and the AAMB helps CVPA meet this mission and vision."

Lavern J. Chatman

Gardner Gillespie

Steven Golsch, Vice Chair

"I’ve loved the Arts for my entire life. I am so happy to have the ability to influence the opportunities available to amazing students who contribute their talents to the world stage."

Sharon M. Gottlieb

Ronald J. Hubbard

Jolanda N. Janczewski

So Lim

The Honorable John Mason

"Having been a founding member of the Arts at Mason Board with its aim to “make the visual and performing arts a pervasive element of life in the community,” I am especially motivated by encouraging Mason collaboration with the City of Fairfax and its multiple arts-related initiatives."

Tim McEvoy

Val McWhorter

Paulette Miller

"The Arts at Mason have provided a true community for me and my family where we can join other performing and visual arts lovers in celebrating the joys of music, art, theater and dance. The opportunity to support both the professional artists and the students who are the future and the beating heart of the arts has been and continues to be a truly important part of my life. Being active in the Arts at Mason Board is an important way for me to help spread the news about this wonderful institution in our midst."

Ida Portland

"The Arts at Mason are entertaining and educational. The variety of professional programs at the Center for the Arts and the amazing programs from the students have offered so many interesting, fun, and delightful evenings for us.  Arts are a vital part of our social life. Ida and Rob Portland thank the College of Visual and Performing Arts for sharing these programs with the community."

Robert K. Purks

"Why Mason arts? I support the arts at Mason because they enhance creativity among Mason students, faculty and staff, across all fields of artistic and technical study, and prepare students for a well-rounded life after leaving Mason in any career they choose. The arts bring joy, education, and unity not only to the Mason community but also to the wider Northern Virginia community. The Arts at Mason Board has the means and the privilege to help lead the development of the arts at Mason."

Mark Shugoll, PhD

"The Arts at Mason allows the public and students to sample many art forms and discover new genres that they enjoy. It educates, entertains and brings communities together to share in the joy of live performance. The great work of the arts faculty and students at Mason, plus the beauty of professional performances, inspire me to serve on the Arts at Mason Board."

John F Speer Jr.

"As an elementary school teacher, I understand the importance the arts bring throughout all stages of our lives. As a learning tool, a confidence builder, and as a form of expression, the arts are used throughout our lifetime.  Helping to keep the arts strong in an educational setting is why I am proud to be on the board at Mason."

Matt Tait

"The arts are important to me because they make you think and feel. The AAMB is an important part of my life because we are able to support and enable positive change in the story arc of our student's lives. What AAMB means to me—and a big reason why I joined AAMB—is that it enables us to proactively encourage and envision a better world."

Edward Weiner

"I enjoy devoting my time and energy to support the Arts at Mason because the College of Visual and Performing Arts at Mason brings an abundance of culture resources to the residents of Northern Virginia. This jewel, tucked out of sight from main roadways, should be enjoyed by more people. It is our civic duty to promote this asset so it gains the notoriety it deserves."


Ex-Officio Members

Jenna Day - Mason Community Arts Advisory Board

The Arts are the way we can bring the entire world together without words. You can enjoy the arts no matter where you live, what you do, what you believe or what you look like. The arts are the binding force that makes the human race united.

Jennifer L. Disano, Executive Director, OLLI

Jonathan Goldman - Faculty Arts Club

Molly Grimsley - CVPA Alumni Chapter

Linda Harber - President, Friends of Music

Eileen Kennedy, Director of Development, Hylton Performing Arts Center

Mack Miller - represents Friends of Theater at Mason

Why do I support the arts at Mason? Mason artists give us something we don't find anywhere else. Mason artists ensure we know that we are important members of their artistic community. They welcome us with open arms and freely share their knowledge and love for their art with us. Supporting the arts at Mason is how we show our appreciation for all they give us.

Eloise Stinger, President, Friends of the Center for the Arts

CVPA Faculty/Staff Board Members, Appointed by the Dean:

Rick Davis, Dean 

Djola Branner, Director, School of Theater 

James Casey, Interim director, Virginia Serious Game Institute 

Elizabeth (Libby) Curtis, Director, Mason Community Arts Academy 

Niyati Dhokai, Program Manager, Veterans and the Arts Initiative 

Hasan Elahi, Director, School of Art 

Cynthia Fuchs, Interim Director, Film at Mason 

Adrienne Bryant Godwin, Director of Artistic Programming 

Susan Graziano, Director, CVPA Development 

Lisa Kahn, Associate Dean, Academic Affairs 

Mary Lechter, Associate Director, Mason Community Arts 

Hyla London, Director of Marketing and Communications 

Linda Monson, Director, School of Music 

Sang Nam, Director, Computer Game Design Program 

William Reeder,Interim Director, Arts Management Program

Karen Reedy, Director, School of Dance 

Julie Thompson, Executive Director, Center for the Arts 

John Wilkin, Chief Financial Officer