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Exploring New Answers to Creative Questions

George Mason University is an R1 Research University. Faculty, staff, and students in the College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) engage in meaningful research, scholarship, and creative work that addresses essential questions about our lives and our world.

From traditional creative projects in the arts to diverse interdisciplinary activities, the College supports a wide range of research activity.  The arts provide an imaginative perspective which enhances any form of research and builds bridges between participants that create strong communities. CVPA research addresses fundamental questions about human life and value in order to provide solutions to pressing social problems.

The CVPA Research team is part of the Dean's Office and charged with assisting faculty and staff in obtaining funding for their research and creative activities. Support is provided for the development of competitive applications that convey the importance and timeliness of the projects proposed.

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For questions and support around funding opportunities and research within the College of Visual and Performing Arts, please contact Justin Sutters, Assistant Dean for Research and Assessment.

If you are a member of CVPA faculty or staff and would like to share details on your latest project or research, please email the CVPA Research Office.