Not a CVPA Major?

Are there ways I can participate in CVPA without majoring?

Every student at George Mason University has a Core Arts requirement. The College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) has many courses that are open to all students and a large number of classes that fulfill the Core Arts requirement, including Arts, Global Contexts, ENCORE: Well-being, and more. Other courses may be taken as electives. 

There are more than 65 different courses in the visual and performing arts to choose from in the catalog or Patriot Web, including:

* one credit hour

See full list of classes for the core arts requirement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I participate in a music ensemble without majoring in Music?

  • YES. Vocal and instrumental ensembles are open to all George Mason students regardless of major. Plan to participate in seating placement auditions during the first week of each semester.
  • You can also consider a minor in Music

Can I audition for a play?

YES. All Theater performances are open for audition to all George Mason University students regardless of major. Plan to participate in unified auditions during the first week of each semester. 

I'm not a dancer, can I take a dance class?

YES. If you've always wanted to try dance but have been too intimidated, now is your chance! From Ballet and Dance Appreciation classes to Beginning Jazz Technique and Dance in Popular Culture, there is something for everyone to appreciate at the School of Dance

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Can I act in a movie or be on a production team?

YES. As a non-film major, you can participate in a film production and/or act in a film.

I can't draw a straight line, can I take an art class?

YES, and School of Art classes are not limited to drawing or painting but encompass so much more. You can take a class in calligraphy, woodworking, digital printmaking, 3D Design, photography, or even EcoArt. 

I love gaming in my spare time, but can I learn more about its origins?

YES. Take a class in Introduction to Computer Game Design or History of Computer Game Design to deepen your knowledge of a part-time passion.

I like the arts but have more of an administrator's mind. What else is there for me at CVPA?

Complement your non-arts major and widen your horizons by taking a class from the Arts Management program such as Grant Writing or Technology in the Arts.

I think I want to be a CVPA major, but I’m interested in more than one creative area.

Students are welcome to email or schedule a Navigate appointment with any of the CVPA advisors to discuss what the programs entail.

Events and Tickets

Remember you are welcome at any performances at the Center for the Arts (CFA) and the HyltonPerforming Arts Center (Sci-Tech campus) – Tickets are free for students.