Credit Vouchers for Teacher Mentors


Students in front of the Johnson Center spier
Students in front of the Johnson Center spier

As a "Thank You" to those public school teachers who have served as mentors to our student teachers, we offer credit vouchers that can be applied to CVPA Graduate courses. 

How does it work? 

Public school mentor teachers are approved by Mason faculty in each department and work directly with our student teachers during their teaching internships, which are required for certification. After completing an 8-week internship with one of our student teachers in CVPA, mentors can complete a form to register for a credit voucher for each student teacher they have supervised. Each voucher is good for one credit of in-state tuition towards a CVPA Graduate course, which they can take in either degree status or non-degree mode.  

Voucher Policies

  • Mentors are awarded a one-credit voucher for each George Mason University arts student that they mentor. Student teachers must be enrolled in either Art, Music, or Theater Education at George Mason. Other George Mason Undergraduate or Graduate programs do not qualify for this benefit. 
  • Voucher must be redeemed through a College of Visual and Performing Arts (CVPA) Graduate course and is non-transferable. 
  • Vouchers are only awarded at the successful completion of the semester when all required paperwork and documentation is submitted. 
  • Credit vouchers will expire 3 years from date of distribution, which is determined by the term of the internship. 
  • Vouchers cannot be combined towards a 3- or fewer credit course. A maximum of two 1-credit vouchers can be combined for a 4-credit graduate studio courses. 
  • Vouchers cannot be applied towards courses offered through the Potomac Arts Academy or any other George  Mason course outside of CVPA.  

Form to Register for Credit Vouchers

To register for your credit voucher(s), mentors must complete a form so we can document your request. A link to the electronic form will be sent to you by your George Mason department contact via email at the conclusion of the internship period. Upon registration, you will be sent a confirmation email within 7-10 business days to verify the number of credits you will be awarded based on the information submitted. 

If you are not a public school teacher who has served as a student teacher mentor from Spring 2017 forward for the following George Mason departments, please do not submit a credit voucher registration form:

  • Art and Visual Technology
  • Music
  • Theater

Any submissions that do not follow these guidelines will be omitted from our database. 

If you have a question about the form, please reach out to your George Mason department contact for assistance. 

Deadlines for Applying for Courses/Programs

An application is required for any person who would like to take courses at George Mason. There are two application options: 

Apply to a Degree-Seeking Program in the College of Visual and Performing Arts: Applicants must apply by the posted deadlines under their program of interest on the CVPA Graduate Admissions Requirements page.

Apply as a Non-Degree Student:

  • Summer: May 1 (Complete the Fall Non-Degree Application)
  • Fall: August 1
  • Spring: January 10

On your application, please indicate that you have served as a teacher mentor with one of our licensure programs in CVPA and intend to use a voucher credit towards your tuition. 

Click here to access George Mason's graduate applications (both degree-seeking and non-degree-seeking)