Murals at Mason: 'Icons of Fashion'

Emely Ramos
Emely Ramos

Murals at Mason, part of Mason Exhibitions, aims to increase diverse representation and provide paid opportunities for students and professional artists across Mason campuses and in the community.

"Icons of Fashion" is a  209 foot long, 7 foot tall mural at Tysons Corner Center. The mural, featuring a series of iconic women throughout different periods of fashion, was painted by Emely Ramos.

Ramos is a Northern Virginia-based artist who graduated from George Mason University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2023. She is studying for a Master of Arts in Teaching in Art Education at Mason.

These notable figures are displayed in a runway format to showcase their memorable outfits. Following these women are an assortment of flowers to mirror their beauty and the personalities of each gown. Ramos chose the type of flowers and colors for each woman to capture the character of each piece of fashion. 

Her work often showcases portraits of people with an intentional use of vibrant colors to emphasize their personalities.

Emely Ramos School of Art student painted mural at Tysons Corner mall

You can see more on the Murals at Mason page or by visiting Tysons Corner Center; the mural is near H&M and Hyatt Regency. Photos by Sophie Bae.