Start from Day One

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Discover Your Passion!
Discover Your Passion!

Students learn more about their strengths by participating in internships. Find out more about our internship opportunities at Mason.

On the first day of class, our programs instantly immerse you in your art and present a world of opportunity that goes way beyond textbooks and tests.

We Take a Hands-On Approach

You'll take practical courses designed to prepare you for the high demands of your craft while keeping your unique needs in mind. This hands-on approach allows you to experience the arts for yourself. Programs also provide incredible opportunities to take you out of the conventional classroom and into the community and even around the world. From day one, you'll make your mark at Mason.

Can't wait to get started? You don't have to—you can join an ensemble, audition for a role or get to work backstage or join an organization from the time you walk onto campus. 

Shelley Cochrane dancer
Incredible skill like that of Shelly Cochrane (BFA '18) is a School of Dance hallmark. Dance students are expected to exhibit a strong sense of professionalism and high level of skill immediately.