Silkroad Ensemble Comes to the Center With Artist-in-Residence Activities and DC-area Premiere


The GRAMMY Award-winning Silkroad Ensemble debuts their newest program Uplifted Voices at the Center for the Arts, launching their multi-year participation as a Mason Artist-in-Residence. Championing women and non-binary members of the Silkroad Ensemble alongside special guest Tuscarora/Taíno musician Pura Fé, Uplifted Voices weaves a musical tapestry connecting the sounds and rhythms of indigenous North America to the World. Silkroad Ensemble’s radical cultural collaboration seeks to build bridges of understanding to combat fear and build a more hopeful and inclusive world. 

    Silkroad Ensemble comes to the Center on Jan. 29
    Lap-steel slide guitarist Pura Fé joins Silkroad Ensemble at the Center on January 29.

    Silkroad Ensemble's performance on January 29 is the first part of a three-year residency with the Center for the Arts, during which they will engage the community through a variety of events, classes, and discussions. Silkroad Ensemble will participate in three residency activities on Monday, January 30, including the following:

    1) Strings Master Class with Karen Ouzounian (cello) and Mazz Swift (violin)

    A master class with George Mason University’s Dewberry School of Music students, featuring stringed instruments such as cello and violin.

    2) Class Visit with Mazz Swift, Karen Ouzounian, and Pure Fé

    A class discussion with George Mason University students in Women and Gender Studies 100: Global Representations of Women course.

    3) Class Visit with Maeve Gilchrist, Wu Man, and Haruka Fujii

    A class discussion with Fairfax Academy’s Music and Technology Students.

    Grab your tickets and don’t miss your chance to see the inspiring Silkroad Ensemble!