Faculty C

  • Suzanne Carbonneau

    Professor, Director of InterArts, School of Art, CVPA

    Suzanne Carbonneau is an arts essayist, critic and historian whose writings have appeared in The Washington Post, the New York Times, and other publications. She founded and directed the NEA Arts Journalism Institute, and she has served as Critic-in-Residence at the American Dance Festival and at the Joyce Theater.
  • Alan Carr

    Director of BRASS and Assistant Professor of Music, Dewberry School of Music, CVPA

    Dr. Alan Carr, bass trombonist, is the Director of Brass at George Mason University, effective August 2019. Previously, he was on the music faculty at Bates College, the University of Maine at Augusta, and Concordia University Wisconsin.
  • Kelly Carr

    Adjunct Faculty, School of Art, CVPA

    Artist, professor, and commercial photographer. I have taught in the D.C. and Virginia area for over 20 years. As an artist, among others, I have shown at the National Museum of American History, IA & A at Hillyer and Pyramid Atlantic Art Center.
  • J. Carrier

    Assistant Professor, Photography, School of Art, CVPA

    J Carrier (b. Biloxi, Mississippi) spent a decade living and working in Africa and the middle east, and after a five-year stint in Brooklyn, returned home to Washington D.C. where he lives with his family. J. has a BS in Wildlife & Fisheries Science and Forestry from the Pennsylvania State University (1996) and an MFA from the Hartford Art School (2012).
  • James Carroll

    Professor of JAZZ STUDIES and Director of the Metropolitan Jazz Orchestra, Dewberry School of Music, CVPA

    Professor Jim Carroll has a versatile background ranging from tours with Michael Jackson to Woody Herman and The Thundering Herd.  Jim received both his Undergraduate and Graduate training from Indiana University under the tutelage of David Baker and Eugene Rousseau.
  • James Casey

    Director, Virginia Serious Game Institute, VSGI
    Associate Professor, Computer Game Design, CVPA

    James has over 12 years of experience developing video games. He has extensive knowledge in the production and live management of games working on titles from Mythic Entertainment, Bioware, EA, and EA Mobile. Read more...
  • Headshot of Prof. Jennifer Casey Cabot

    Assistant Professor of VOICE and Diction, SOPRANO, Dewberry School of Music, CVPA

    We are thrilled to announce that Soprano Jennifer Casey Cabot is the newly appointed Term Assistant Professor of Voice and Diction at George Mason University, effective August 2023. Jennifer Casey Cabot is a seasoned opera singer who throughout her exciting career has always nurtured an interest in teaching.
  • Paul Cassens

    Adjunct Faculty, School of Dance, CVPA

    Paul Cassens is a principal dancer with the D.C. Casineros, a role which has given him the opportunity to perform, teach, and choreograph with the company throughout the United States and abroad. 
  • Gabriel Celeste

    Graphic Designer, CVPA

    Gabriel Celeste is currently the Graphic Designer for the College of Visual and Performing Arts at George Mason University
  • Hans Charles

    Associate Professor of Cinematography, Film and Video Studies, CVPA

    Hans Charles studied cinema at the Los Angeles Film Studies Center and worked for Tracey Edmonds (Soulfood, Set it Off), Bridget Davis (Sister Act II, Hav Plenty) and Patrick Ian Polk (Punks, Noah’s Ark) at Edmonds Entertainment.