Faculty M

  • Headshot Arts Management Director Karalee Dawn MacKay

    Director, Arts Management Program, CVPA
    Assistant Director of Undergraduate Studies, CVPA
    Assistant Professor, Arts Management, CVPA

    Biographic information for Director of the Program Dr. Karalee Dawn MacKay.
  • Anthony Maiello

    Instrumental Conducting and Aural Skills, Dewberry School of Music, CVPA

    Anthony J. Maiello is Professor of Music and University Professor at George Mason University. Professor Maiello teaches applied lessons in Conducting, Aural Skills, and classes in Instrumental Conducting.
  • Education Coordinator, Hylton Center

  • Adjunct Faculty, CVPA

  • Scott Martin

    Associate Professor, Computer Game Design Program, CVPA
    Founder and Previous Directors of the Virginia Serious Game Institute (VSGI) & Computer Game Design Program
    Associate Editor, International Journal of eSports Research (IJER), IGI…

    Dr. Scott M. Martin is an inventor, mentor, educator, entrepreneur, and author. Read more...
  • Pamela Matthews

    Adjunct Faculty, School of Dance, CVPA

    Pamela Matthews has performed nationally and internationally with the Daniel West Dancers, Eric Hampton Dance, Beth Davis in Good Company, Dana Tai Soon Burgess among many others. She has taught at the University of Maryland Baltimore County, Wright State University, The Maryland Youth Ballet and numerous studios throughout the area. Ms. Matthews is also a certified massage therapist.
  • Audio Technician, CFA

  • Front of House Assistant, CFA
    Front of House Assistant, CFA

  • Lead Fly Operator

  • Adjunct Faculty, School of Art, CVPA

    Degrees MFA, Art and Visual Technology, George Mason University